Padvish Total Security (Anti-virus) with Anti-Ransomware
1 Licence - 1 Year is R199.00
Inc. VAT
1 Licence - 2 Year is R299.00
Inc. VAT
1 Licence - 3 Year is R399.00
Inc. VAT
More than 1 Licence = (5% off)
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Download Padvish Total Security

You must scan your computer fully by Padvish, exactly JUST after the Padvish is installed.


German AV-Test Company report: Padvish AntiCrypto successfully detected and neutralized all Ransomware attacks. Padvish had a total %100 detection rate.

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News : According to security researchers from Amnpardaz (Padvish Software), an Iranian-based security firm, a new rootkit, identified as “iLOBleed” is actively targeting HP iLO servers. As observed, this rootkit sneakily resides within the iLO and remains undetected (and unaffected) by firmware upgrades.

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Three Important Reasons To be In The Padvish Community


Daily Update

Padvish With

Regular daily and small size updates to protect you from new malware Padvish


It will create a backup version of your data in just a few seconds and with no interruption for more protection. Padvish


Infected Flash Drives are the nightmares of any computers. Use your Flash Drive easily with UMP. Padvish

Padvish Ultimate A Trusted Solution To Protect Enterprise's Critical Data

Free from any infected Flash Drives

Padvish has a unique and special protection feature that overcome your worries about transferring any viruses to your system by Flash and Hard Drives.

Secure Support with domestic technology

Padvish believes that its competitive advantages are due to its professional and expert support team prevailing on the latest technology against viruses.

Fast scan, powerful disinfection

Padvish with advanced algorithms has the least effects on boot speed and reduces the scan time to a minimum.

Multi-layer Firewall, your internet safety insurance

Padvish, with its multi-layer firewall, provides vast and complete control on your access to the internet and bandwidth and will restrict your usage probability.

Possibility of managing by Padvish Central Control Console

Padvish produced a network-based software to manage all clients comprehensively.

Powerful AntiCrypto

The AntiCrypto tool is one of the least tools for fighting against internet Ransomware that have the power to encounter all types of Ransomware. Be safe and ease your mind by installing this tool.

Heuristic engine to encounter unknown viruses

Pavish has a heuristic engine that enables it to detects and encounter new unknown viruses.

Real-Time and up to date Protection with the cloud-network possibility

Padvish detects any types of new unknown threats by cloud processing technology and provides you with a suitable response in the first update.

Padvish Rescue Disk, final solution

Padvish, as the final solution to encounter advanced viruses that cannot be disinfected by normal methods, recommends the rescue disk.

Controlling the connected devices

Padvish provides you the power of monitoring and controlling peripheral devices such as DVD, CD, USB, etc.